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I created this site to help you find information and support about the newest and most accurate diagnostics, Lyme literate doctors, homeopaths, herbalist, resources and treatment plans, natural remedies, and receipts for pain and detoxing, while you are on your journey to recovery.

Because of my long journey with Lyme illness and the co-infections that accompany it, I have experienced the wild ride and the frustrations with the medical community, and the politics.  I have researched and read and experienced Lyme, and tried just about every thing anyone can think of to help...AND I AM WINNING THE BATTLE!
I want to make the information easily available to you.

I have diagnosed many folks with Lyme because of my personal experience and encourage you or anyone you know who may have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, ALS, Parkinson’s and other illness such as Bell’s Palsy and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  please read my article Living with Lyme.


I spend a large amount of time supporting people on this journey, and it is now subsuming my life.  I do not charge for my services, but will kindly ask that if you find this information useful, please make a donation by clicking on the PayPal donate button below. This donation will help defer my cost of long distance phone calls and time supporting you.

Yes, you will recover
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Please feel free to email me, to contact me at 802/425-6212, or to visit my other site, 

Sallie's Bio: Sallie is a practicing homeopath, in Charlotte, Vermont. She teaches Homeopathic Medicine I & II for the Wellness and Alternative Medical degree program at Johnson State College. Prior to becoming an alternative healthcare practitioner, Sallie was a home-birth midwife and a professional singer/songwriter.  She concurrently teaches guitar and bass from her home, along with practicing medicine.

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